Strategic Resilience: How to survive a crisis

Lecture series at HTW Berlin

A crisis puts external pressure on a company. It often leads to radical changes in the culture and organization of companies. Around the globe, companies have to deal with numerous crisis – or exogenous shocks - that often threaten their existence. May it be the corona pandemic, the collapse of supply chains, the energy crisis, or the climate crisis: Managers have already gained substantial experiences in dealing with sudden exogenous shocks.

The aim of this lecture series at HTW Berlin is to make these experiences accessible to a wider public. In the frame of the lecture series on „Strategic Resilience: How to survive a crisis“ the two organizational science researchers Prof. Dr. Tine Lehmann and Prof. Dr. Kai Reinhardt together with experts from science and business try to find answers on how organizations can build up resilience to manage such crisis.

We will be discussing topics such as

  • The role of crisis in the business model
  • Resilience strategies
  • New organizational learning strategies
  • Trends in managing crisis

We are looking forward to engage in a rich discussion with you.

Glimpse into the unknown: How companies set course for the future

17 October 2022, 10 a.m.
Treskowallee Campus, Building A, Room 238

Presentation in English

Thomas Elit, Transformation Manager at PwC, reports on how companies can better prepare for structural crises today.

Thomas Elit